MarinadesAn easy and fast way to flavour food is to use marinades and seasonings. We have marinades in many tastes and variations that can be used all year around. Solutuions for all different varieties of food such as poultry, beef, pork and fish and seafood. Mix two different marinades and you get new culinary taste. Let your fantasy push the limit. Marinate whole meat, circ 1-2 Kg for at least 24 hours to get a rich and full taste. Slices and smaller parts of meat can be marinated for only a couple of hours. NORDIC SPICE marinades are very LOW in salt (>3%) and contain NO harmful Es
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Herb marinade on a white dishHerb marinade€0.00
Hickory marinade on a white dishHickory marinade€0.00
Orange marinade€0.00
Oriental marinade on a white dishOriental marinade€0.00
Provence marinade€0.00