SpicesSpices / Herbs have since ages had an important function in the human everyday life. Herbs and spices has been used in cooking, in medecin and in magical rituals and as drugs. The Egyptians embalmed their dead people in lots of spices and herbs. Many travellers came home from Far East with samples of different spices and herbs wich made other people interested of the possibilities to gain from the profitable spicebusiness.
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Allspice berries on a black plateAllspice - whole, crushed, coarse and powder€0.00
Blackpepper on a plateBlackpepper - crushed, coarse, powder and whole €0.00
Cayennepepper on a black plateCayennepepper€0.00
Chilepepper on a black plateChilepepper€0.00
Cumin on a black plateCumin - powder€0.00
Ginger powder on a black plateGinger - powder€0.00